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Textile Development and Marketing Department
Jay and Patty Baker School of Business And Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)


BE YOU: Brooke Demos - Team Leader
Ahmet Atinc, Betina Haviyo, Miray Hazan, Tugce Isgoren, Chanell Jones, Nazlı Uğraş

BOROUGH DENIM: Amanda Soule - Team Leader
Salvador Cassab, Yunus Coban, Trevor Dingman, Orhan Guzes, Elin Linder,
Emirhan Nasir, Baris Okan, Kelly Schoenberg

EDM: Daria Lupetin - Team Leader
Malvina D'Alterio, Michelle Flinter, Roxanne Pfaus, Katherine Rosario, Michelle Ross

6 STRING DENIM: Michelle Bunis - Team Leader
Alexis Amantia, Emily Diehl, Jamie Niederman, Arianna Santoriello, Kate Scurfield,
Alexandra Sponseller, Colleen Troue


Advisors to the Project:
Jeffrey Silberman — FIT, TDM Chairperson, Professor and Project Director
Andrew Olah — Olah Inc., Senior Project Advisor
Amy Leonard-Emery — J.C. Penney, Project Development
Ed Barnes — Cotton Incorporated, Agricultural Advisor
Laia Cabrera — Laia Cabrera and Co., LLC, Producer and Filmmaker
Andrea Costa — SocialCode, Graphics and Branding
Melanie Wendy DiSalvo — Olah, Inc., Project Management
Matt Durney — Nexgen Packaging, Labels and Packaging
Isabelle Duverger — Laia Cabrera and Co., LLC, Animations and Still Photography
Barry Emanuel — Copen, Linings and Textiles
Jenny Fong — Jenny Fong Designs, Fit/Patternmaking
Vanna Forrester — Cotton Incorporated, CI Project Coordinator
Yonatan Hizgalov — YKK, USA, Zippers and Hardware
Amanda Ibrahim — Google, Inc., Social Media
Mark Messura — Cotton Incorporated, Strategy and Positioning
Buxton Midyette — Supima, ELS Cotton
Susan Miller — S. Miller Associates, Presentation Development
Scott Morrison — 3 x 1, Product Development
Kara Nicholas — Cone Denim, Fabric Development
Mimi Patel — Nexgen Packaging, Labels and Packaging
Michael Morrell — Olah, Inc., Wet Finishing
Emily Olah — Olah, Inc., Production Management
Robert Reus — Supima, ELS Cotton
Nancy Zhang — Otte, NY, Social Media


Project Sponsors
Cotton Incorporated*
International Forum for Cotton Promotion (IFCP)


Jeffrey Silberman, Chairperson
Textile Development and Marketing Department

Ingrid Johnson, Assistant Chairperson and Past Chair
Textile Development and Marketing Department

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
New York City, Spring 2013

*This project is supported by the Importer Support Program
of the U.S. Cotton Board and is managed by Cotton Incorporated.


Video by LAIA CABRERA & CO. Film and Multimedia Productions
Directed by Laia Cabrera
Animations and Still Photography by Isabelle Duverger


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