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How CPD Works, Center for Popular Democracy, 2017


Stop the Hangry Animation campaign, Beefsteak - 2016


Zagat Stop Motion Animation - 2015


SHINNY API campaign, NYEC - 2014


Patient Portal for New Yorkers campaign, NYEC - 2013


Vegetable Unleashed Animation campaign, Beefsteak - 2015


Animation NYeC "How the SHINY Makes Life Better" Campaign, 2012
Telly Award winner 2013 for best Animation and Ava Award winner 2013


White Alligator feature film opening credits - 2012
Presented at Bled Film Festival in Slovenia (winner), Brooklyn Film Festival,
International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival


Tree of Life - 2011


Les Esprits s'enfuient - Extract from Shifting Gaze - 2010
Presented in Times Square in 2010 (Spain Art Fest) and KJCC Center in 2011 (Region Ø Festival)


Egg to Life - 2011

Egg to life


mbf ONDEMAND teaser - 2010


Deutsches Haus Language Program Promo Video - 2015

Deutsches Haus Cultural Program Trailer - 2013


Distance to the moon - Animation for Play (Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino) - 2014
New York Innovative Theater Nominee 2014 for outstanding innovative design (Projection Design, Videoart and Animations)
No Sound


FIT Denim video Intro Animation - 2013


Fire Exit - 2009




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