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Unitled Mind
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Unitled Mind
Untitled Mind
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Shifting Gaze
Shifting Gaze
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Is There An Edge Of Belief
Is There An Edge Of Belief?
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new york
New York
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Laia Cabrera (Leer Bio en españolRead Full CV in English)
Film and Video Artist and Visual designer, Lleida, Spain - New York, NY, USA

Laia Cabrera is a filmmaker and video artist born in Spain and based in New York since 1997. She merges cinematic arts, dance, music, theater and visual arts. Recipient of many awards including KrTU Young Creators, the 2010 Grant from the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (CONCA), AVA and Telly awards, IT nominee for Outstanding Innovative visual design in 2013 and 2014 and Kodak & Color Lab award for Best Cinematic film for "Under Influence" presented in festivals worldwide.
She is currently the creative director of LAIA CABRERA & CO co-founded with French animator Isabelle Duverger, a team of film, animators and visual artists producing a wide range of multimedia projects.

Her film credits includes "Singularity" (inaugurated the International video animation festival "Animac", Spain), "Is There an Edge of Belief?" (International multidisciplinary art festival Jaen en Femenino, Spain and Bienal Internacional ULA 2010, Merida, VENEZUELA, etc,) Her latest creation, "Shifting Gaze", a Film-Art-Music Installation, premiered at "Spain Art Fest'10" in Times Square, NY, (October 2010), was presented as a video installation at the "Region Ø Latino Video Art Festival of New York" (March 2011) and toured in 2012 with screenings worldwide.

Her work includes traditional and experimental filmmaking, multimedia theater and video-mapped site-specific installations, such as "Aire", A site-specific Multimedia Performance Concert at the Tempietto Di Bramante (Rome, Italy, 2014), "Untitled Mind" a Film for installation and indoor and outdoor cinematic presentation, recently presented at Nuit Blanche DC (Washington DC, 2013), Multimedia Theater Play "Cosmicomics" by Italo Calvino at Dixon Place (NYC, 2014) and "Garden of Delights" by Fernando Arrabal, a Multimedia Theater Play by The New Stage Theater Company Theater of The New City, (NYC 2012), "Pikolinos" Site Specific Video Installation Mapping, Meatpacking District (NYC, 2013 - listed as the 10 best designed stores in the world), "Landscapes of the Soul" multimedia visual concert, La Mama (NYC 2012), "Resonant Streams" Audience-interactive multimedia installation performance in St John The Divine Cathedral (NYC, part of "The Value of Water' exhibition, 2011), "Mapping Moebus" multimedia theater play, La Mama (NYC, 2010), "Monegros-Nueva York" video installation held at La Lonja (Zaragoza, Spain, 2011), "Walk Pasa Bouge" Video-Performance-Concert in collaboration with LORROJO Cia presented in New York and Brussels (2009-2011); "Playing Equality" (Dance-theater-Video), Boricua College of New York, (November 2009), Festival Internacional 'ReACT' Valencia, (Spain. May 2010); "New York" video-installation at the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs (Lleida, Spain, 2009) and "Claim your Place" (Barcelona/New York/Toulouse 2010), a large-scale video-installation-performance presented in the USA and Europe with the support of CAER and CAET and CONCA.

She is also an award winning visual effects artist, director, editor, writer, playwright and composer, she also edited "Cachao:Uno Mas" with Andy Garcia (PBS's American Master, 2010) among many others. Her work in film, video, and visual production has been presented in Europe, the USA and Latin America and commissioned by the New Radio and Performing Arts, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Spain Culture New York - Consulate General of Spain, Spain Arts and Culture, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the King Juan Carlos Center at NYU, the New York State Council on the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Arts International, among some other major institutions. Her last works were presented in Times Square, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), St John The Divine cathedral, Nuit Blanche DC, Tempietto Di Bramante in Rome, Italy and TimeCenter at the New York Times.


“Working on a visual level, Spanish multimedia artist and independent filmmaker, Laia Cabrera, creates live video streams, weaving her own images and animations into the performance” BAM, 2008.
Local Spotlight NYC, Gordon Sharp, March 9, 2009

“I’m familiar with Ms. Cabrera’s work with Caryn Heilmann’s LiquidBody company with whom she has been associated since 2004, and have been impressed with the seemingly instinctual feel of Ms. Cabrera’s work. One recognizes her individual artistic voice even as it seamlessly enriches the choreographic whole. Ms. Cabrera is a deft multimedia artist whose talents would be of great use to American choreographers in general…”
New York Times, Jennifer Dunning, Dance Critic, October 15, 2005

"Animac, luces y sombras. Noche de magia en el Teatre Principal para inagurar la decima edicion de Animac. Magia del video-art de la leridana Laia Cabrera."
El Segre, Cultura, Marzo 3, 2006

“La programación sigue su curso con las nmerosas propuetas incluidas en esta nuev entrega que concede sorpresas como la que aer se presentó de la escritora-cineasta afincada en Nueva York, Laia Cabrera, que presentó su video-performance-instalacion aportando ese caracter de espectaculo.”
La Mañana, Andres Rodriguez, Marzo 3, 2006

“Laia Cabrera es una joven y prometedora directora de cine, compositora, escritora y video artista leridana afincada en Nueva York desde hace nueve años. Entre otras aventuras artísticas, actualmente dirige un programa de entrevistas en la cadena Thirteen New York PBS. Además, muy pronto estrenará un documental sobre el gran músico cubano ‘Cachao’ que ha realizado junto al actor Andy García”.
La Mañana, Diego Aranega, Enero 19, 2008



“As a filmmaker and visual artist, I use a variety of media-music, video, storytelling, projected imagery merging cinematic arts; dance, music; photography; theater; visual arts; voice; writing. Sense of timelessness, human landscape: faces, fragments of the body.”
Laia Cabrera


Laia Cabrera by Isabelle Duverger
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